Information about our school | Salesian Lower Secondary and Secondary School of St. John Bosco in Łódź

Information about our school

Salesian Lower Secondary School (SG) and Secondary School (SLO) are private catholic schools (we monthly require fees) run by the Salesian Congregation. We bring up the youth according to Christian rules.

• We use the John Bosco's educational system based on love, faith and repect
• Our school is safe and friendly
• Teachers know every student and are kind, protective guides of youth, they care about their students

Modernity and tradition

• Our student government has influence on some school events and customs
• The students are involved in a voluntary work and many cultural events
• Teachers and student cooperate with parents in order to make the school even safer and more interesting for younger students
• Students can develop their interests, hobbies and improve their language and IT skills
• All students are treated individually

Time and place

• Our school is located in Ostróda, Dominic Savio 1 Street
We offer high level of education. Not only do we realize the educational system, but also provide the variety of extra-curricular classes.
• We teach English (obligatory for all students), German
• In the following year, we are going to encourage our students to improve their English skills on FCE classes
• IT classes are in a computer lab for 15 students, every classroom has the access to the Internet
• Students choose sections to complete the physical education classes. They may choose a variety of team sports
• We often visit museums, theatres or exhibitions
• First classes start their stay at school from the camp
• We organise camps during winter and summer holidays
• We obtain high results in exams
• All students have many opportunities to attend to extra-curricular classes.

Mode of teaching

Lower secondary School

• Languages are taught in groups according to the level of students

We offer one extra hour of the natural science subjects in order to prepare students for the end-of-school exams
Secondary school

• Students choose the extra matura classes according to their preferences
• A student may realize at least extra matura classes

Recruitment Principles

It is the Headmaster who accepts school candidates.

The candidate:

o needs to maintain at least 4,00 GPA ,
o needs to have at least good behaviour
o needs to get at least 70% on the exams
o needs to pay registration fee
o needs to submit all necessary documents (available in the secretary’s office)
o needs to have an interview with Head teacher


Dominic Savio was born on April 2, 1842, to Carlo and Brigida Savio. They lived near Turin. He was an Italian adolescent student of Saint John Bosco. The boy had a special love for the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He was studying to be a priest when he became ill and died at the age of 14. He became a role model for many young generations.

As the day of his first Communion drew near, Dominic wrote down four resolutions, remarkably mature thoughts of a seven year old:

1. I will go to Confession and Communion as often as my confessor will allow.
2. I will sanctify Sundays and holy days in a special way.
3. Jesus and Mary will be my friends.
4. Death but not sin.

As we shall see Dominic lived by these resolutions and we shall live by them too.


Contact details

Zespół Szkół Salezjańskich: Liceum i Gimnazjum im. św. Dominika Savio w Ostródzie ul. św. Dominika Savio 1 14-100 Ostróda